house and table

My home is the place where I feel I belong. My house, my garden, a spot which saves my memories and makes me feel comfortable. I am forever tweaking my space – moving a picture, re-arranging something and placing flowers in the middle of the kitchen table. The flowers/kitchen table drives my husband crazy. He thinks they are in the way of eating, reading the morning paper etc, but the kitchen is the room we live in most and I like nothing more than to see flowers, so the kitchen table it is.

There is not a day when I am not on Pinterest or another website looking at interiors and HGTV is by far my favorite TV channel (Food Network is a close second). I have no patience for watching most weekly series so watch very little, but when it comes to homes, I am insatiable. I imagine myself doing so many projects and do admittedly get to few, but I can be quite handy.

Before we bought our house, I had made a folder (today would have been a Pinterest board) of rooms I liked and when I walked in and saw the ugly brick fireplace, I knew exactly that this was my living room and what it would look like.


This isn’t the same picture – I have no idea where it is along with the rest of my ‘dreaming’ tear sheets, but it looked something like this. I got my cream furniture, since my children were then old enough to not have sticky hands all over everything and my painted brick fireplace and 10 years on, I still love that restful, elegant, warm and comfortable room. The thing is, you have to dream. About everything. Homes, flowers, places to travel and everything else that inspires you. It won’t all come true, but some of it will and the dreaming part – enjoy it, it’s all good!

Then we must talk about food, or more to the point, gathering around the table.

Food is such a huge part of our lives. Many important facets of our life revolve around eating or preparing food. Let’s start with family around the table at the end of every day. For kids, it’s about learning how to behave and interact as they grow and to appreciate a properly cooked meal; for us, it’s the catch up to know what going on in each other’s lives and getting to know the people our kids are becoming. Friends gather around our table to eat, whether it’s an impromptu dish of pasta or a feast that we have worked on for hours, but either way, the conversation and laughter keep us all attached.

atwater market

Cooking. Creating something yummy to share with others. I love to cook, looking up on the endless cooking websites for a recipe that takes my fancy and then changing it to suit my pantry, making it my own.  But I also love to bake and how you have to be precise with the recipe to make it work out well.  Going to to the market to shop for the fresh produce and deciding what to make depending on the season is also a huge part of the process that inspires us. When I share good food out of my kitchen, it gives me endless pleasure.

Then there’s going out to eat. Countless quick coffee’s with girlfriends between everyone’s busy lives, where each one has their own ‘Starbucks’ trained coffee order or a quirky neighborhood coffee shop that we can support – an maybe prevent another empty storefront one the block. Most of our social lives mostly revolve around eating out for brunch, sometimes lunch, or dinners and restaurants can be so much more than food: an ambiance, an great attitude, a welcoming space and delicious food.

People who love to eat good food are the kind of people I generally like. Let me know if you are one of them.


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