thoughts and people

There are so many impressive people to write about:  Miuccia Prada for her vision and success, the young Malala Yousafzai for her strength and a myriad of  other people.  There are also many beautiful or stylish people to write about, like Kristy Turlington, not just beautiful but also a mother, a wife, an accomplished business women and an advocate for women. And that’s just a few women, not to mention men. I will surely be  inspired by many people who are around now as well as those who are just starting to make their mark and I hope to write about them with time.

But my people are my children. Smart, loving, caring, fun, funny, accomplished (in many things but not all), often infuriating but most of all, mine. They are young adults with the self centered existence of their age and stage in life, but still never too much in their own world to forget about me. They remember to check in when they know I will worry. We can feel when things are good or bad for each other and if there’s a truth to be told, we don’t hold back. They put every up or down in my life into perspective and they make our family whole.


And then there are friends. What would we do without friends? Not all friends are for everything. I see my close childhood friends seldom as we live far away from each other, so we don’t share our every day, but there isn’t even a heartbeat between our hello and knowing that we are at home together. Friends are there for us to lean on each other and talk things through when we need to say the things we are thinking out loud. Sometimes to just laugh and enjoy each other’s company, sometimes to agree to disagree.  I hope I’m a good friend – I try to be, but know that sometimes I come up short and the best part of it is, my friends overlook it. Exactly, that’s why we are friends!

So, people can be many things. I’ll share those that touch me and hopefully they’ll touch you, too.

Lately, when I spend time with friends it brings me back to this blog and what motivated me to start writing. What do we talk about? Where are our lives?  It seems we all are in the same place and have the same concerns. Time has passed and I would have thought our preoccupations would change, but actually, in some ways, nothing has changed. But there is change happening and we have to embrace it – if we make it positive and only good things will happen.

We have children now in their late teens or 20’s and we still talk about our kids a lot. Maybe we have moved from playdates and which schools to choose, but now it is about how they are coping with the pressures around them – are they studying, do their jobs have prospects and most of all are they happy? We are and always will be mothers first and foremost, I think and it’s just a fact of life that everything else comes afterwards. Our other relationships with husbands, friends and family and most of all ourselves come afterwards.  I guess that now that these ‘kids’ are kids no more, we need to change our focus as they go on to make their own lives, which is exactly what we brought them up to do. Not that we won’t stay closely connected – my daughter is 3 time zones away and we manage to speak daily most of the time, so the bond will remain, but we need to focus on other things.

After years with a career, it’s really weird not to go to work every day. I have been keeping myself busy, but after all the years of getting up early, having my solitary, peaceful 20 minute breakfast and newspaper  session in the kitchen because it is the only quiet time I will have all day and then off to work, it’s quite disquieting to have time on your hands.

Using some of my time to write a blog is a treat (is somebody reading what I have to say?).  I have also been cooking, not my regular quick meals, but enjoying creating things and that’s got it’s pros and cons. Yes, the food is yummy, so what’s the problem?  Because I can’t seem to lose those 8 pounds I need to shed because I am eating it all! Yesterday was a delicious little apple pastry because I had a fridge full of too many apples. Yes, it was quite healthy and wholesome, but not if you eat 3!!!! Actually, I have eaten 2 and there is one more still left over and calling me, but I will try not to give in.

In writing just this page, I am reminded that I am so very lucky. I have people who love to eat the food I make and I have friends with whom I can share my joy or frustrations.  I also have a few projects I am working on so that I can find my next thing. As I always say – it’s all good!!!


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