style and wander

I have been lucky enough to travel to every continent (except Antarctica and I have no desire to go there, ever; at this stage, I won’t spend any money on going to anywhere cold). The world is so interesting and each place we go is a combination of the people, the way those people have developed the place and the natural beauty (or lack of it).

My roots are in South Africa, right in the middle of one of the most beautiful places on earth (picture of Cape Town below). My husband is Italian, the country with the best food on earth. And I live in Canada, the country with the best attitude on earth. So why do we yearn to travel? Because there is so much more and it’s all good! We are citizens of the world and it tempts us to explore.


Are the people friendly? Is the culture different from ours and how do we relate to it? Are there interesting things to see, either natural beauty or wonders that civilizations have made? Is the food to our taste or too strange for us to enjoy? Are we bold enough to try things that are unfamiliar? Do we feel safe? All of those and more are the combination that makes some of us intrepid travelers and  some tentative. It’s also a matter of our own values.We have traveled quite widely with our children because we love to travel and have always felt that it’s important to see new and different places, but like many things in life it’s a choice. Travel costs money, so some other things have gone by the wayside.

I have an endless list of places still to visit, from exotic unfamiliar places to parts of Canada that I still have not seen and quite a few to which I want to return. We can talk about travels, yours and mine, and inspire one another to find new places and experience new things.

Whether you are in an distant place or close to home, along with seeing beautiful things, we want to look stylish.


My whole working life, I have worked in the fashion business and I have to say, I have enjoyed it all. There is a way to use every skill you can hone from the creative, instinctual, feel it in your gut (or having an ‘eye’) side of things to the business of business: how do you turn that instinct into dollar signs? That depends on what you are selling and to whom, is it designer or a no name brand, is it pricey or cheap? How do you mix a good, quality piece with Zara or even H&M and come out looking great.

Then there is the matter of age. It really doesn’t matter if you are on the high side of 50 or just en route to getting there, I think it’s all about style. Develop your own style, don’t follow the crowds, and you will always look great and be confident. Once you get dressed, you shouldn’t have to think about what you are wearing or be tugging your clothes; wear things that fit well, from your bra size to your jeans. Just feel good and comfortable and it will show.

Fashion should be fun. How you dress should show your personality. Pick clothes that are age appropriate and working with that there is no reason you shouldn’t look current, up to date. A big piece of advice – wear shoes you can walk in!


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