peonies jug

Peonies are without doubt my favorite flowers. Not just beautiful and fragrant, but they confirm that summer has arrived. They come around just once a year – for just a few weeks – and then they are gone. One year, a heavy rainstorm arrived just as they started blooming and that was that – no peonies! My family thought I was crazy, but the next year I left old sheets strategically placed near the outside doors with strict instructions to run and cover the peonies if the weather threatened and I was not home to do the deed.  With time, I have realized that if not this year, next year, or the philosophy I try to live by, it is what it is!

I’m not much of a gardener, but those flowers that are hardy enough to make it through give me the pleasure of being able to pick the flowers from my garden and delight in seeing them on my kitchen table.

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