There’s always somewhere to go

Last week I was lucky enough to spend a week in the Caribbean enjoying the endless warm days and reading a few books, which should have been a lovely relaxing vacation. But I have to admit, since I am not working, I felt like a bit of a fraud taking time off – off from what, I say?  A friend’s take on my guilt was ‘didn’t you work enough years in your life to deserve a vacation?’ and I suppose she is right. Don’t think I didn’t enjoy the week. I love to travel, whether it’s sightseeing, a cultural learning experience or the beach and the hot weather that comes with it. There is a lot to enjoy. For me, anticipation and planning is a big part of the enjoyment.  Where travel is concerned, the preparation is a good experience in itself.  I enjoy the time online, looking for the best routing, investigating the hotel reviews and then finding a good deal. Where will we eat and what kinds of food will we find? All of these things give me great pleasure.



Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

What is it that makes traveling such a draw? There are such beautiful, awesome things to see, really awe-inspiring, like the desert at Wadi Rum in Jordan and the veld while on safari near Hoedspruit in South Africa, both vast and ancient  places that made me realize just how we are briefly passing through. Mostly though, travel is all about the people. The list of places I like the best are all about the people I find the most simpatico – India, where the locals are warm and spiritual and a business associate made the effort to take us to an amazing temple en route to our next appointment. A place where women working in factories for small wages work in brilliantly coloured saris with jasmine in their hair.



I loved Cambodia, where the tuk tuk driver adopted us after one ride and was there whenever we came out of the hotel. When we came out of the market and looked around, another driver didn’t try to get our business, instead somehow someone called and our guy popped up, ready for the next stop.  In Italy, a country where even the old taxi driver flirts with you and you feel charmed. Then there are the places where I would not mind if I didn’t go again – China, where our cultures are so different that I feel little warmth from the locals and Bangladesh where I felt uncomfortable, but then maybe being a woman didn’t help.

Every time I return home I start planning the next place I will travel, whether it’s a trip in close by in North America or a faraway place. Sometimes it’s a place I have been often before but love to visit again and again and sometimes it’s a new adventure, but one thing is for sure, there’s an airplane in my future.


About lindyjoffeomassi

As long as I can remember, I have known that bread makes you fat. The thing is, I love to eat bread. All bread. Of course, I don’t want to be fat. In fact, I want to be skinny, endlessly stylish, funny, welcome people to my house as an effortless hostess, take no nonsense from anyone, be an inspiring mother and wife - but these things only happen once in a while for a brief moment (except for the skinny thing - it never happens!). You only live once. So true and so important. I know I have to make every moment count and live it the best way I know how. I want to live with a sense of discovery, a sense of making moments count. There is so much I like. Food. Cooking delicious food for those we love. A great little bakery with fragrant bread. Beautiful objects, be they pieces that make a home yours or just the right sweater that makes you feel cozy. A great moment with people that make you happy. A book that you can't put down. All of these things encompass the best things in my world, be it only a moment. I want to appreciate each step, so if I write about my steps, maybe you can look at your steps differently. So many women I talk to have the same issues I do, so imagine how many more there are out there who would relate to me. We all want to live well, love a lot, do good and share with others. I hope you enjoy reading breadmakesyoufat .com. If you feel the urge to share your moment with me, I would love that!
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